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From the early start of the game development a common request was to include breakable weapons and items, meaning that they will degrade over time as they are being used. The general idea of the concept was that in a zombie apocalypse, you should never get to comfortable with just one weapon, and that loot can only be really awesome and include weapon drops if your weapon can break. 

We have tested the functionality on the test server for a while and have been getting a lot of mixed of feedback. The breakability feature means that items will degrade over time as you use them. It however also means that you can to repair them to restore their mint condition. Some weapons like a baseball will break after just a few uses while guns can be used hundreds of times before requiring maintenance. Premium items however will be not breakable at all. To repair an item you need to use a similar or several similar items depending on their state “sacrificing them” to get one in mint condition. Armor items will also be affected and degradation will depend upon damage taken in combat. If you don't have the requirements for repairing an item you can go to any NPC on the map and ask him or her to repair it for a fee. 

An interesting part of the new durability system is that it allows a complete overhaul and rebalancing of the loot system, simply meaning you will get loot more often and of higher value (such as more weapon drops) than previously to compensate. Now raiders, cops and military personnel will actually have a chance of dropping that cool revolver or M16. The balancing will be done gradually over several weeks, meaning we have to refer to, and remind everyone, of the beta terms and conditions, stating that the game experience will change as part of the beta.

We hope and feel that the durability system will provide a much more interesting gameplay long term while we understand it might be frustrating at first to current players used to another game experience.

As always we also encourage to keep providing feedback so we can improve the game.

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